Bread Baking Process

The quality of bread depends on many factors such as, the quality of the variety of grain, the quality of milling, the quality of the fabrication process, the quality of the fermentation and quality of the dough. In learning from the ancient tradition of bread making, the quality of the bread is also improved by using pure organic flours, reducing the kneading process, the quantities of salt and rising agents, and lengthening the resting time at a suitably raised temperature. This procedure in bread making not only improves the organoleptic quality of the bread, but also improves the nutritional value. In the ancient method of bread making, bread was made with flours that were produced from a stone mill and natural rising agents, which was rich in lactic acid bacteria. Hand kneading, the use of rough flours, a moderate use of salt, and long fermentation results in excellent nutritional bread that lasts a long time. Due to the long fermenting process of the bread, the gluten is easier to digest!

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